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The MemStim Study: Home-based tACS for older adults with memory deficits

Are you an older adult suffering from memory deficits?

Study goal: To determine whether non-invasive brain stimulation can improve memory in older healthy adults with memory deficts.

Requirements: If you are an older adult with memory deficit


  • Participation will include 5 visits in the lab and up to 14 weeks of home-based tACS together with participant’s caregiver willing to obtain a training and administer the tACS at home with the help of trained staff
  • Eligibility screening visit
  • Health interviews, cognitive testing at baseline and after non-invasive brain stimulation
  • 20 minutes of non-invasive brain stimulation (max 1 session per day) for 4 weeks; in case of cognitive improvement 10 more weeks  (max 1 session per day)
  • EEG recording of brain waves

Participation is paid up to $350. Parking is provided.

Contact the research team for more info at