Sponsored Awards Management

The Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research Sponsored Awards Management team manages all pre and post award aspects of sponsored research.  

This includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Hebrew SeniorLife's (HSL) protection of human subjects in research and the HSL Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • The Marcus Institute's responsible conduct of research 
  • The Marcus Institute’s financial conflict of interest in research program
  • Negotiation and acceptance of awards and research related agreements on behalf of the Marcus Institute and Hebrew SeniorLife
  • Management of post-award sponsored programs finance and administration
  • Accountability and compliance with Federal, State, sponsor, and HSL rules and regulations
  • Research Computing 

Indirect Costs (IDC) are also known as facilities and administrative costs or overhead.  The Marcus Institute's IDC rate is the federally approved percentage applied to sponsored projects to recover the costs associated with performing the activities of the research project and managing the research project. 

View our Indirect Costs Agreement

The following policies and templates apply to Non-Marcus Institute sponsored awards that are managed by the Marcus Institute.  For guidance on specific purchasing and reimbursement policies, please contact your Research Administrator.

Sponsored Awards Management Team

Kathryn Irvine Tasker
Chief Sponsored Awards Officer, Hebrew SeniorLife
Vice President, Research & Administrative Operations, Marcus Institute for Aging Research

Research Administration:

Sabrina Carretie
Director, Research Operations

Marlena Crandall
Research Administrator

Jim DeAngelis
Senior Research Administrator

Sophie Song Du
Manager, Research Finance

Naysa Mejia
Grant Accountant

Celeste Miles
Grant Specialist

Lateesha Odom
Senior Research Administrator

Mariko Stronach
Senior Research Administrator

Informatics and Data Management:

Jason Rightmyer
Director, Research Informatics

Institutional Review Board and Research Compliance:
Sherry Felchlin
Director, IRB Operations