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Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research: The research behind Hebrew SeniorLife

Hebrew SeniorLife (HSL) has been at the forefront of senior care for more than a century. And the Marcus Institute has been an integral part of the HSL system for 50 years. Research is behind the care HSL provides to residents and patients, and HSL is behind the independent research conducted at the Marcus Institute. Our collaboration is crucial, as the senior population heads steadily toward a projected 69 million by 2030. In addition, the number of seniors older than 85 years of age is increasing faster than any other age group.

Because the Marcus Institute operates within HSL, we work in close proximity to thousands of seniors each day, many of whom volunteer to participate in our studies. Working side by side, researchers and caregivers transform research results into real-world solutions. Our landmark discoveries have enriched the medical community’s understanding of age-related health problems, including falls, musculoskeletal diseases, and cognitive decline. The presence of the Marcus Institute brings an academic feel and a spirit of curiosity to HSL’s care delivery and programs.

HSL has deep roots in the community, having provided health care and housing services to the elderly in and around Boston for over 100 years. Because HSL understands the positive impact our research has on the lives of those they serve, they support our work in countless ways. Our shared mission has evolved into an abiding and sustaining partnership.

“With any luck, we’ll all grow old one day. I don’t think any one of us just want to live longer – we want to live better too. By investing in research today, we can create a future where each generation of seniors is healthier than the last.”

Todd B. Finard, Former Board Chair, Hebrew SeniorLife