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John N. Morris, Ph.D.

Director of Social and Health Policy Research
Alfred A. and Gilda Slifka Chair in Social Gerontological Research

Among his primary research interests are issues relating to comprehensive assessment developing quality indicators, long term care, functioning, cognition, and clinical conditions. With collaborators in interRAI (a network of researchers in over 30 countries committed to improving health care for persons who are elderly, frail, or disabled) and HSL, he has developed Quality Indicators for use in long term care, post acute care, and home care. Dr. Morris was the Task Leader for the federally mandated CMS project to develop the nursing home MDS and Resident Assessment Protocols. He was also the Principal Investigator in the development of the MDS Version 2.0. In interRAI he has co-authored the RAI-HC system for evaluating the needs, strengths, and preferences of elderly clients of home care agencies, as well as the RAI system for post-acute care. He is an interRAI Board Member and serves as chairman of the Instrumentation System Development Committee (ISD). With his ISD Committee members he has led the development of the interRAI Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) for use in many settings, including home care, long term care, etc.

Institute for Aging Research
1200 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02131


1967    B.A.    Boston University, Boston, MA
1970    M.S.W.    Brandeis University (Heller School), Waltham, MA
1974    Ph.D.    Brandeis University (Heller School), Waltham, MA