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What we do

Our mission is simple: To improve the lives of seniors through focused, applied research. We challenge assumptions about aging and replace them with new, evidence-based realities founded on the results of rigorous scientific enquiry.

Our mission is critical:

Our country is in the midst of an economic health care crisis, in large part due to the prevalence of chronic diseases. More than 70% of the health care dollars in this country are spent on chronic conditions. Two out of three older Americans have multiple chronic conditions, and 95 percent of health care spending for older adults is attributed to chronic disease. The work we do helps prevent and better manage chronic diseases so seniors stay healthy, active, productive, and independent.

Our mission drives results that matter:

  • As a leading independent, hospital-based geriatric research facility, we provide an opportunity for young and established researchers to test new ideas. The Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research attracts high caliber researchers who serve as teachers and mentors to the next generation of leaders in aging research.
  • Our research informs public policy and has led to new standards and guidelines for geriatric care both here and abroad.
  • Our robust research facility is located in a clinical setting  positioning us to witness the daily challenges seniors face and to better understand the underlying mechanisms of old age.

Our research focus areas: