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Resources and Equipment


Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research has available a 1670 sq. ft. Clinical Research Laboratory, which is comfortably equipped for the subjects and readily available to the investigators.  Included within the laboratory are an 1100 square foot gait and balance laboratory, which includes a built-in track for gait testing; a 100 square foot interview room; a 120 sq foot exam room; a 150 sq foot human physiologic laboratory for transcranial Doppler (TCD) and blood pressure studies; a 100 square foot sample collection and processing lab; and a 100 square foot sample storage lab, equipped with a -80 degree freezer to house biological samples. Also available in the gait and balance laboratory is the Noraxon telemyo system, a telemetric multi-channel cable free EMG system with capability to assess gait dynamics, muscle function, respiration and cardiovascular data simultaneously in real time.  This wireless system allows for multipurpose noninvasive data acquisition and freedom of movement for capturing subjects’ natural movements.