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What We Do

1. Improving how we measure frailty for clinical care and research (frailty measurement): We have developed a frailty index online calculator for clinical frailty assessment and a claims-based frailty index for frailty estimation from administrative claims data.  We are working on innovative methods to measure and apply frailty in various clinical and research settings.

2. Evaluating health care interventions in people with frailty (frailty and health care interventions): We perform large health care database analyses to evaluate how drug therapy, procedures, and care models benefit people with frailty compared with those without frailty. We also conduct intervention studies to help recovery of older people after a stressor, such as a surgery or acute hospitalization.

3. Implementing frailty into clinical care and population health (frailty implementation): We are making frailty information accessible to practicing clinicians and health care systems. Through this effort, we enable delivery of health care tailored to an older person’s frailty level.