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Frailty Research Program

FRAILTY refers to a clinically identifiable state of vulnerability that results from depletion of intrinsic reserve due to accumulation of age-related cellular and organ-system changes and chronic diseases.

                                                                                                                               (Adapted from Kalache and Kickbusch 1997)

Here are some important facts about frailty:

  • One in every 10 community-dwelling older adults has frailty and this number increases to one in every 2 older adults in the hospital or nursing home. 
  • Older adults with frailty are at greater risk for loss of independence, nursing home admission, or death after a stressful event such as surgery or acute hospitalization.
  • Older adults with frailty are responsible for nearly 50% of preventable Medicare spending.
  • Despite its clinical and public health significance, frailty has yet to be integrated into clinical care of older adults in the United States.

OUR MISSION is to improve care of older adults by incorporating frailty evidence into clinical practice, educating clinicians and researchers, and changing health systems and policy.