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Request a Consultation

Each project which ISAC is involved with provides an opportunity for collaboration and shared learning with investigators.

ISAC is both a consultative service and a resource for research partnership. It is closely linked to the Biostatistics, Data Management and Research Informatics Cores and project management resources at the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research. Faculty and staff affiliated with ISAC and these allied groups can partner with you in designing and executing your study. To assist in planning, we will review your staffing and personnel needs during consultative sessions. After an initial consultation, we will prepare a report summarizing key considerations and recommendations specific to your investigation.

Requesting an ISAC Consultation:

We provide below a listing of the items you should consider in requesting a consultation, and a request form you may submit as a precursor to meeting. Upon its receipt, ISAC Staff will review your request, and set up an initial appointment.

  1. Overall Goals and Stage of Development of proposed Study;
  2. Basic Design Questions, such as sample size for enrollment and number of Participant Visits;
  3. Funding Sources;
  4. Aspects of the Project for which help is needed (e.g., Statistical Design, Regulatory, or Project Management);
  5. Project Timeline

​Please complete the form linked below to request an ISAC consultation and submit it to:

Request a Consultation