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Selected Current Projects

  • Customizable Reporting, Analysis and Templating for Reproducible Research (CURATOR) data science suite
    • Symposium presentation, Gerontological Society of America (Boston 2018)
    • Memor templating system for reproducible statistical analysis and manuscript development
    • CURATOR project site; tools and templates for reproducible research
  • Data visualization and analysis for bioimaging and motion capture in time series
    • ShinyMRI; project to encode and display MRI data in multiple dimensions, facilitating user interaction and manipuation
    • Collaboration: Smartphone app-based assessment of gait and balance (NIA 1 K01 AG04454301A1; PI: B. Manor)
    • Arduinor; automated data capture for Arduino devices, with direct import to R
  • Collaboration: Observational data analysis of functional and cognitive trajectories of special populations
    • Risk Factors for Age Related Bone Loss (NIAMS/NIA R01 AR/AG41398; PI: D. Kiel); observational follow-up of the Framingham Osteoporosis Study relating visceral adiposity to bone and muscle health
    • Successful Aging After Elective Surgery (SAGES) (NIA P01 AG031720; PI: Inouye); observational study of in-hospital delirium and functional recovery following elective surgery
  • Collaboration: Clinical trials of exercise-based, nutritional, and hormonal interventions for preservation of physical function and mobility
    • Efficacy of Nutritional Supplementation on Physical-activity Mediated Changes in Physical Functioning Older Adults at Risk for Mobility Disability (The VIVE2 Study) [NIA P30 AG031679; PI: R. Fielding]; multi-site trial of nutritional intervention for improvement of mobility, function, and muscle quality
    • Strategies to Reduce Injuries and Develop Confidence in Elders (STRIDE) (NIH U01AG048270, NIA K07 AG043587; PI: S. Bhasin); cluster-randomized trial of care management strategies in prevention of fall injuries
    • The Mind Body-Wellness in Supportive Housing (Mi-WiSH) study (NIA R01AG025037-09, NIA K24AT009282, NIA P30AG048785; PIs: L Lipsitz; P. Wayne); cluster-randomized trial of Tai Chie intervention for promotion of function in older adults at risk of mobility loss
    • Optimizing Protein Intake in Older Americans With Mobility Limitations (OPTIMen) (NIA RO1AG037547; PI: S. Bhasin); multifactorial intervention for promotion of function and muscle growth in frail older adults
  • Development of Reference Ranges for Circulating Male Hormone Concentrations; harmonization of data from multi-national cohorts to develop ranges in younger and older men
  • The Marcus Institute also hosts the Biostatistical Design and Analysis Core of the Boston Pepper Older Americans Independence Center.