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HB-tES Training and Supervision Program

Our team has developed the Hebrew SeniorLife Home-based transcranial electrical stimulation (HB-tES) Training and Supervision Program to teach laypeople how to administer tES in a home setting. The need to properly train individuals in the administration of HB-tES is essential, and there is currently a lack of a uniform training approach across research studies. Here, we present our training program: a tele-supervised, instructional, and evaluation program to teach laypeople how to administer HB-tES to a patient or participant and provide a standardized framework for remote monitoring of participants by staff. 
Many tES research and clinical centers currently involve frequent travel for patients or participants to receive treatment. Home-based tES, however, allows for the therapeutic intervention to occur in the comfort of their own home, administered by a caregiver, family member, friend, etc. This eliminates the need for frequent travel and lessens the mental, physical, and socioeconomic burdens placed on participants and their loved ones. This is especially true for older adults with greater functional limitations, and why we aim to make this intervention as accessible as possible for other researchers and clinicians looking to adapt HB-tES for their own needs.
Below is a representation of the three phases in our HSL HB-tES Training and Supervision Program:
  1. Self-Study: We provide a set of training videos, quizzes, and a manual to help familiarize participants and administrators.
  2. Guided Practice: Through three practice sessions done remotely, research staff teach laypeople how to administer the HB-tES, and finally evaluate them using a competency checklist.
  3. Remote Supervision: While the participant and their administrator complete the HB-tES sessions independently, research staff are available remotely to assist with difficulties, monitor side effects, and schedule sessions.

Below, we have all the necessary training materials you will need to implement our training program for your own study or clinic. In addition, our publication which clearly outlines the use of our HSL HB-tES Training and Supervision Program in the context of several pilot studies.

HB-tES Video Familiarity Quizzes
HB-tES Competency Checklist
HB-tES Administration Training Manual
HB-tES Computer Profeciency Questionaire

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