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Mobility and Falls Brain Stimulation Studies

Join our efforts to reduce the risk of falls and improve independent mobility and cognition among older adults. Each study includes assessments with health interviews, tests on memory, walking and balance, and sessions with 20-minutes of safe, non-invasive brain stimulations.   

  • I-StiM Study stands for individualized stimulation to improve mobility. Using information from your MRI, we can tailor low currents of electricity to optimize the tDCS for your benefit. There are 20 tDCS sessions, two MRIs and six assessment visits over six months. Requirements: Age 65-85 with two or more falls in the past year and fearful of falling in future 

  • The HomeBASE Study trains the faller and a partner to do the stimulation in their own home.  There are 12 visits over three weeks, which include ten at–home stimulations. Requirements: Age 65-90, recently fallen and fearful of future falls 

  • Physical Therapy and TDCS Study offers brain stimulation to eligible members receiving physical therapy at NewBridge.  Eligible patients who are referred by PT receive tDCS prior to ten PT sessions and complete three assessments in a private location next to the PT clinic.

  • The Brain Stimulation for Steady Gait Study involves two visits over two weeks to determine whether a single session of tDCS as compared to a placebo intervention improves walking and thinking in older adults at risk of falling.  Requirements: Age 65 or older, unsteady with balance and/or walking, able to walk independently with or without a cane.

  • The Brain Stim & Counseling to Improve Physical Activity Study includes a total of 16 visits over ten weeks. There are ten 20-minute tDCS sessions over two weeks and eight 15-30 minutes of personal goal-oriented counseling. A FitBit ™ will be provided for use during and after the study. Requirements: Age 65-85; want to be more physically active.

  • The Opti-Stim Study looks at optimizing brain stimulation for walking and balance in older adults and is a six-week study.  Participants participate in one tDCS session per week for four weeks, an MRI and an assessment visit pre- and post- tDCS.  Requirements: Age 65-85 and concerned about walking and balance.

  • The Stim-AD Study offers brain stimulation to individuals with mild Alzheimer’s disease who live in senior housing.

Transportation can be provided when needed. 
Compensation is offered for participation in studies.
For more information, call 617-971-5310 or email 

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