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The Individualized Stimulation to Improve Mobility in Alzheimer's Disease (ISTIM-AD) Study

If you are age 65+ and are concerned about your memory or experiencing memory loss, you may eligible to participate.

Study Title: ISTIM-AD (Individualized Stimulation to Improve Mobility in Alzheimer’s Disease)

Study Goal: To test if non-invasive brain stimulation can improve memory, walking, and balance in older adults with memory problems.

Participation includes:

  • Up to 16 visits over two months
  • Memory and health assessments
  • Noninvasive brain stimulation (10 visits, 30 mins each, Mon-Fri over two weeks)
  • 2 MRI scans at Beth Israel in Boston (Optional)

Participation is paid up to $250
Free parking and/or transportation
Researchers can travel to you for study visits

For more information: (617) 971-5310 or

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